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Know More About the ASVAB Practice Test

Oct 29, 2020 Education

The Armed Forces Professional Capacity Battery or ASVAB is a multi-proficiency test that you must take over sometimes. The tests will be conducted at more than 10,000 schools and military immigration processing stations across the country. 

These tests are created, conducted, and administered by the Department of Defense. This is one of the most widely used perennial tests in the world. This military aptitude test preparation at gives you an idea of your weaknesses and strengths of your prospects for future success. 

ASVAB has four main areas: paragraph comprehension, word knowledge, arithmetic, and math knowledge. Results in this key area will tell you whether you can qualify for the Armed Forces Qualification Test, and it is the AFQT results that will determine whether you meet the criteria to join the U.S. Army.

ASVAB has three very different versions, namely MET-Site-ASVAB, CAT (Computer Adaptive Test), and Student-ASVAB. The ideal way to study and prepare for ASVAB is to take as many practice tests as possible. 

You can connect to the internet for free test preparation, but don't forget to bring a timer. Time is your worst opponent for the test, so you have to get used to the time limit. Try to do the whole test in one section just like on the actual test day. Only then can you prepare for three hours.

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