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Kidney Failure Causes and Symptoms

The kidneys have a number of important functions to perform in our bodies. First, they filter waste from the bloodstream and helps maintain electrolyte balance in the body. They remove chemical byproducts and drugs and toxins from the bloodstream.

Furthermore, all these substances are removed from the body along with the excess water as urine. They also play an important role in secreting the hormone that regulates the absorption of calcium from food – thus increasing the strength of your bones. You can also look for professional truvada kidney failure lawsuits online.

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Well, they help in the production of red blood cells and regulate the amount of fluid in the circulatory system and it is important when it comes to controlling blood pressure. When blood enters the kidneys, it is filtered in two steps.

So, what causes kidney failure?

There are several conditions that can contribute to kidney damage. Here are some of the causes:

  • When the kidney is damaged to a level that cannot function normally, it is due to kidney failure.
  • Kidney failure can occur rapidly or slowly. Rapid failure, or acute renal failure as it is called, usually in response to other diseases in the body that affect the kidneys.
  • In some cases, the kidney disease is a descendant
  • Infection and substances such as drugs can permanently scar the kidneys and lead to failure.
  • Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure – especially when it is not controlled in time.

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