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How to Choose the Right Forklift Tyres

Nov 3, 2021 Main

There are many types and sizes of forklift tyres. Different types of tyres are available for forklifts. Pneumatic, solid and polyurethane are the most popular types of forklift tyres. Each type has its own advantages, depending on the situation.

Pneumatic forklift tyres are filled with air and have a thick tread. They are also made from strong rubber that resists wear. The pneumatic tyres provide an air cushion between the forklift and terrain, which extends the forklift’s operating life. Pneumatic tyres are the most popular choice for rough terrain forklifts because of their durability and long life expectancy. Click here to learn more about forklift tyres.

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Pneumatic tyres can be replaced by solid rubber tyres. They look the same, except they are filled with air. They won’t pop like pneumatic tyres but they don’t provide an air cushion. Forklift tyres made of solid rubber are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor forklifts use polyurethane forklift tires. The tyres are applied by pressing them onto the wheel. This is the easiest method to apply the tyre. Because they offer the right amount of traction, and low rolling resistance, polyurethane forklift tyres are ideal for indoor use.

Forklift tyes are designed to fit all types of forklifts. There are tyres for every situation, whether a forklift is meant to be used on uneven terrain or indoors.