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How To Build Your Personal Resilience To Reduce Stress

What is resilience? There are several definitions or ideas about the meaning. Resilience can be thought of as our ability to bounce back, or even grow, in the face of pressures and threats. 

Resilience is the ability to be successful, personally and professionally, in a highly- pressured, fast-paced, and continuously changing environment. You can also get the best certified sustainability coaching through the web.

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If you choose to become more resilient you will find that you can handle pressure differently and will feel much better and more empowered.

A key element in building your resilience lies in your thinking! Your thinking triggers your emotions which then influence your behavior. Many people faced with increasing pressures will respond hopelessly or helplessly. 

If you ever find yourself with either of these feelings – it's time to work on developing your resilience!

When we are living to our empowering beliefs we will tend to be happier and feel more positive – and be more resilient when pressure builds.

Too many limiting beliefs will lead to feelings of hopelessness or helplessness in the face of mounting pressure. To develop your resilience it is important to be aware of the main limiting beliefs you hold – and work out what would be better to think instead.

To build your resilience you need to recognize when any of these symptoms are happening to you. You can then choose to react in a resilient manner – or succumb to the pressure and allow yourself to begin feeling stressed.

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