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Gorgeous Women Dress: Wrap themselves In Nettle Now

Yes, magnificent women can love wearing drain clothes. Fashion accessories made from a nettle give you a beautiful appearance when we wear them with a ball dress and an evening dress. 

When you think of nettle, you can not believe that you can even wear clothes made in a nettle. But in reality, you can and they do not come out. You can also try stylish African outfits for ladies from various online companies. 

Most of us must be familiar with a pungent nettle. For those who do not know what the nettle is, in brief ortette is treated as a weed grass that grows around us in the gardens, at the edge of the road, wherever you can see. When you touch it, it’s rods. That's why it's called sting the nettle.

In recent years, it has been popular for its uses in medicines. But now, companies started making tissue out of nettle and use it in the manufacture of clothing. 

Few companies have already started selling clothes made from nettle. Do not worry about nettle clothes will not stick, they are as good as other clothes. In addition, few researchers say that the nettle tissue has more strength than cotton.

It can bring a revolution in the textile industry if some large companies are starting to produce clothes manufactured in the future in the future. 

Nettle has a very good environment with respect to cotton. It uses minimal pesticides compared to cotton, which uses nearly 25% of pesticides used around the world. Nettle also takes less water to grow.


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