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Fraud Prevention at Work

While there are the obvious and not so obvious signs of fraud being committed within the workplace it is the behavior of people who state or imply that they are what they patently are not, who cause the greatest distress by their unequal and shameful behavior towards business owners who trusted them. Imposters; who through their slick working methods, have the ability to really cause detrimental financial imposts against their employers.

Businesses need to formulate certain workplace policies and practices that emphasize the fact that fraudulent behaviors are unacceptable – make staff responsible for their actions. Early prevention outweighs an expensive mop-up later.

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Fraud prevention measures could/should include a Business Code of Conduct where the in-house, formulated, and pertinent workplace policy relates directly to employee practices.

In a perfect world and prior to starting work. a new member of staff would be required to read and sign the relevant Code of Conduct document – as an outward sign of acceptance of his/her responsibility towards his new place of work. This policy and the subsequent work practices would need to cover all areas of potential fraud while stressing the expected employee behaviors.

For example for positive identification of the new employee, a police check would be required; the potential employee would need to provide a specified number of referees, references, and of course a specific number of living identity proof documents i.e. a passport, a drivers' license, educational certificates, an invoice directed to the potential employees' home, etc. All are required as positive proof of identity. Naturally, these proofs of identity documents would then need to be examined and their honesty assessed.

The burden of proof would lie with the employer who if they did not have the manpower to follow through, would need to outsource this requirement with the clear knowledge that they are doing everything within their power to avert possible future fraudulent behaviors.

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