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Five Tips to Maintain Smoke Alarms in the Home

Smoke alarms and detectors are one of the tools most valuable fire safety that you should have in your home. It has the ability to double the survival of your family in the event of fire housing. However, most homeowners take them for granted. Because they are a common presence in every household, it is easy to expect them to work all the time. However, as with other devices, this alarm also need regular maintenance and cleaning to function effectively. If you are looking for smoke alarms then check

Here are some of the best ways to keep this system in your home to ensure the best possible smoke detection.

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1. Be sure to test them once a month to ensure that the battery and the alarm sounder works well. Clean your smoke alarms every six months with a vacuum cleaner to remove particles that can hinder performance.

2. Contaminants and airborne dust can interfere with the ability to detect smoke alarm, so make it a point to clean them. Dust off the cobwebs that had settled around your smoke detectors.

3. Keep the annual date to replace the batteries in all alarm systems in your home. Try to choose easy to remember that date has significance to you to ensure that you will not forget to change the batteries.

4. Test all detectors every month by simply pressing the test button. If it sounds, then everything works fine. You can also test your smoke alarms with actual smoke by lighting a candle, blow it out and hold soon a few inches below the smoke detector and let the trail of smoke drifted inside to trigger the alarm.

5. If you see the smoke alarm goes off frequently even if there is no smoke in the air, do not disable it. Instead, examine the case of a false alarm. Most often, you will find that the smoke detector located near bathroom or kitchen where the smoke from cooking and steam may set off the alarm even without danger.

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