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Finally, A Historically Accurate Bible That Honors The Ancient Phoenicians

Oct 14, 2020 Education

The term "Bible" generally relates to the Bible in Western society. However, a quick search on Amazon can even reveal different programs of this phrase as the Bible Barbecue, The Bible Boomer, The Organic Cooking Bible, etc. 

Regardless of what kind of itch that you have, then you're likely to find authorized Bible Amazon that scratches. It is the Kolbrin Bible and is the first text of wisdom early to meet the Phoenicians of the term "Bible" is derived as an excellent gift to understand that we inherited from them. You can read Bible history timeline online by browsing through the internet.

School children understand the word "Bible" comes from the Greek phrase "Byblos" which clarifies the papyrus (cloth Egyptian early writings are made of reeds), which can be derived from the title Byblos, early port Phenicia that once thrived in Lebanon shore today. 

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What is not known is that the Greek alphabet was designed in the Phoenician alphabet with 22 letters. In the same way, Latin, English, and Cyrillic alphabet is also based on the Phoenician alphabet. Phoenicians established their alphabet in an ancient Egyptian hieratic writing. 

Torah (Old Testament) variant of the ten plagues of Egypt is the foundation of countries and exemplify the true success of Moses in Pharaoh. Basically, this is the story of the Exodus told by the winners.  In comparison, the first six books of the Bible Kolbrin, which can be collectively known as the Egyptian texts, including the story of the Exodus as told to the beat some decades ago 3600. 

Although there are many similarities between the stories of the Torah and Egypt text, which is the latest offering, unvarnished accounts are really a country shaken country. 

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