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Fat Tire Electric Bikes – The Cheap Way To Commute

Fat tire electric bikes have been rising in popularity over the past several years. High energy prices and increasing awareness of the environment have sparked people's curiosity about this new type of alternative transport. Riding an electric bike is very cheap, the fat tire electric bike allows you to enjoy riding even on the rough terrain. 

fat tire

Here's how electric bikes can save you money:

100 percent Electric – No Gasoline:

Electric bikes don't use gasoline. So you live 10-20 miles away from your destination, why waste money driving an automobile (and harm the environment)? Although electrical bikes are limited to 20 mph, you may avoid the stress of driving and continuous stop-and-go traffic. In heavily congested areas, you can get there really fast on a bike.

Generally, an electric bike costs less than $ 0.10 per charge to run. This translates into about half percent per mile. In comparison, the average motor car gets around 25 mph. At $ 3.00 per gallon, this equates to roughly $ 0.15 per mile for gasoline – or 1500 percent more than electrical bikes.

No insurance or registration required:

With an electric bike, you do not require registration and insurance in most states. Considering the amount that you save on insurance only, you are able to pay for a brand new electric bike in a few months.

No Parking and Restricted Maintenance Price:

And though the average automobile fix will cost you hundreds (or thousands), it is going to cost only a fraction to operate and keep an electric bike. The most common fix is fixing flat tires – $10- $20 in damage. Along with the battery will need to be replaced every 1–4 years (depending on the battery type), but the price tag is significantly less than that of maintaining a motor vehicle. Electric bikes supply you with a reasonable alternative to your gas-gazing vehicle. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and harmless to the environment!

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