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Electronic Sow Feeders Add Its Benefits

The electronic sow feeder feeds each pig individually, depending on the number of chicks and the conditions of the pigs. This gives you easier control as it works every day.

There's also feedback if the pig doesn't eat its share, which will help you take extra care of these special animals. Below we discuss the benefits and tips of electronic sow feeders for pig management:

Electronic Sow Feeders

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Here are some tips to help you use the system properly:

1. Every time a new pig joins, make sure all breeding data, pig ID, and feeding level are entered into the automatic feeder.

2. Do not overload the station. Make sure every animal can eat easily every day.

3. The location of your pen should encourage the animal to move comfortably from the entrance to the exit.

4. Animals should be trained before using the feeding system. You don't need to be afraid to enter a large collection.

Effective control: The electronic hog feeder makes it easy to manage and monitor your business. It sends signals by phone or computer when a current situation arises or abnormalities in the pig's behavior, such as B. feeding, body temperature, loss of ear tags, etc.

That way, you can respond effectively every time. You can also better analyze your results by reviewing the statistics and data stored and tracking the feed.

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