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Does Delta 8 THC Actually Get You High

Yes, it does. But everyone's experience with it is different and depends on a few factors, like dosage, how naturally tolerant you are to THC, and how much weed you actually smoke. As someone who has a medical marijuana card and smokes multiple times per day, I could still feel the effects of Delta-8, but there's definitely a distinction between it and Delta-9 THC. You can chat with us to get more details on delta 8 THC.

The key thing you have to know is that most patients respond very uniquely to Delta-8 and Delta-9. Some people have receptor affinity for a THC Delta-9, then it's different. So a patient who uses more THC will tend to have less of an effect than someone who may not have used THC before. The same thing applies with Delta-8, so some patients may have a higher affinity for a THC and not have as much of an effect as somebody who may be naive to the use of the drug.

So it affects people differently, but can you get high with Delta-8? Absolutely. Not only does Delta-8 get you high, but it also gives you similar wellness benefits including pain reduction, reduced anxiety, reduced effects of PTSD, and increased sleep.

So all of the effects that you see with Delta-9 can be seen with Delta-8, just in a less euphoric, less intoxicating effect. If you're wondering about Sativa vs. Indica, similar principles to Delta-9 THC apply. It all depends on what variant of hemp it's derived from, plus the extraction process.

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