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Constellation 88 Ballpoint Pens – Limited Editions

Constellation 88 pen produces several special editions and limited edition writing instruments. They are available in any variety in style and design and also come as sets or singles. Some of these limited and special editions include fountain pens, mechanical pens, as well as ballpoint pens, while some are limited to fountain pens only. 

Nevertheless, any constellation 88 pen writing instrument you have can be changed. For some reason, constellation 88 pens make it somewhat difficult to obtain Ballpoint Pens from their limited edition sets. For more information about constellations 88 pens, you can visit

Constellation 88 Ballpoint Pens

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They simply do not produce many limited editions that include ballpoint pens. As an example, a lot of informational material on the patron of the art series that is only available as a fountain pen suggests that the reason is that it is only for "serious writers".

As an example, the constellation 88 pen Limited Edition is limited to rollerball and piston fountain pens only. Still, if you have yet to consider a rollerball pen you want to see one and give it a try. It works in the same way as a ballpoint pen, but requires a light touch and also produces scripts that are similar to fountain pens. 

This version was launched in October of 2009 and includes 3000 fountain pens and 3000 rollerballs. Also, the Limited Edition constellation 88 Ball Point Pen seems hard to find online, which leads me to believe that there are not a lot of limited editions right now, including these.

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