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Benefits Of A Manufacturing Execution System

By enabling all production data in real time, MES has low visibility for each workstation, including its status and performance, with granulation in the order of minutes.

Performance Analysis: The reliability and maintenance of process equipment has a dramatic impact on the three main elements of competitiveness: quality, price and product lead time.

It is important to balance a continuous analysis of all equipment and processes. Performance analysis is performed to take proactive action to detect machine faults as well as diagnose and replace parts at an early stage, and to improve overall productivity and lead times.

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Cost Management: Determine all production costs associated with making the product, including the purchase of raw materials. Labor wages, transportation costs for production and storage costs, etc. Total costs are used to plan business strategies, including streamlining production costs to maximize profits.

Event Management: Gives a warning or warning when the production process stops due to sudden challenges with certain problems in the production area, and provides instant notification of problem control as a priority to maintain the continuity of production activities.

Product Tracking: Helps to determine the exact location of the product in the production area with details of the processes performed on raw materials and other processes to complete product production and shows updated status via flowcharts.

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