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Belly Dance And Its Benefits

Feb 1, 2022 Health and Fitness

Are you familiar with Shakira's music videos and songs? You will notice that many of her dances include hip-swaying and snake-like movements. This is also known as belly dancing.

It is similar to  various other types of dance in India , and offers many benefits. It is great for having fun and moving to the beat of the music. It encourages social interaction, especially if you do it in a club or at a gym. It is also a great form of exercise that promotes good health.

various other types of dance in India

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of dancing, it is important to do it correctly to avoid injury. Remember these things when moving your body:

  • Keeping in Shape

Belly dancing can be done in the same way as any other regular exercise, e.g. It is similar to regular exercise such as swimming, aerobics and brisk walking.


  • Warming up

Dance is like any other exercise routine, so you need to prepare for it. Stretching can help increase oxygen and blood circulation, relax muscles, improve coordination, raise temperature, and increase blood flow.


These are some tips to help you prepare for the fifteen to twenty minutes of body shaking and swaying.

  • Keep your spine straight and maintain the correct posture.

  • When you turn, place the centre of your body mass on each foot.

  • To avoid straining your muscles, relax.

  • If you feel exhausted, stop dancing.

  • You should wear the correct dancing shoes and clothes.

  • Cooling down

Warming up is preparation. You must also stretch to lower your body temperature, reduce muscle tightness and soreness, as well as cool down. Shrugging and stretching your neck down to your ankle are two common methods for this purpose.

Belly dancing has been gaining popularity over the years because of its health benefits, but also because of the joy it brings to women.


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