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Bed Bug Dogs – The Game Changer In The Fight Against Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been sharing the bed with humans for centuries. After World War II, DDT was effectively eradicated the pest in the United States and Western countries, although they continue to grow in the less developed countries.

This insect is now common in many countries with infestations reported regularly in hotels, apartments, condominiums, office buildings, college dormitories, hospitals, and private homes. You can also hire a bed bug dog via Premier Canine Detection.

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Bed bugs travel to residents of apartments in clothes, mattresses, furniture and the box. Several infestations have recently been traced back to the van moving. These bed bugs are reddish-brown and are the size of an apple seed, but nymphs and eggs can be seen microscopically.

Pests that feed on human blood, they do not transmit disease, but their bites can cause red welts, itchiness, psychosomatic stress, and severe allergic reactions.

Bed bug dogs are specially trained to sniff out this difficult to find bugs. Being able to detect pests within a radius of three feet, the dog quickly target the treatment area or to verify the success of treatment.

Bed bug dogs can protect the landlord from these pests. If they are found, the dog can minimize their spread. Bed bug dogs provide apartment owners and property managers the best service to prevent the bed bug infestation.

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