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Are you a victim of workplace harassment in Denver?

Aug 18, 2021 Legal

Over 54 million people have been victims of workplace harassment, even though it isn't often discussed. Harassment is a widespread problem. However, very little is done to stop or suppress it. Although the emotional impact on the victim(s) can be devastating, the company's bottom line is also affected by the intimidation they inflict on their employees.

The Level Playing Field Institute reported that the bullying epidemic has cost the US' Fortune 500 companies tens of millions in lost productivity each year. They also charge more for legal fees. This number is small compared to the high cost of employee turnover. Workers are fleeing from the stress and feeling of helplessness that bullying can cause. You can also get more information about harassment charges defense in Denver by browsing the web online.

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In Denver, harassment is too powerful. In Denver, the harasses are usually bosses or supervisors in at least 72% of cases. They are protected by their status as well as the fact that they belong to an elite "social club" where colleagues will support them and create a defense wall in case of misconduct. Human Resources departments cannot take action because they are under the control of high-powered bullies.

Until major changes in laws and company policies are made, workplace harassment will continue to thrive. Employees who feel intimidated should be informed about their options and assured that they will be protected if they make public complaints about the emotional abuse they have suffered from their coworkers. Companies will continue to suffer from the negative effects of harassment unless they do something to address this problem.

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