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Architectural Tips for Renovating Small Homes With Wood Material

Nature is so generous that it provided us with a wood material to build on, no matter what region you live in. Using wood building materials minimizes processing and transportation hassle, thereby keeping environmental and economic costs low. 

Buildings with “projects at wood architecture + design” (which is also known as ”prosjekter ved wood arkitektur+design” in Norwegian language) also contribute to sustainable development from an aesthetic and health point of view. Incorporating wood into your living space can significantly enhance nature's atmosphere. 

Wood not only look good, but they also release oxygen into the air, and some of these can filter pollutants from the air. Even though wood is a renewable energy source as sustainable harvesting and destroying our ecosystems through deforestation. 

Houses can be built with certified and sustainably harvested trees. This means that the forest where trees are harvested continues to be carefully monitored to ensure the health and character of the forest are maintained. Only certain trees are removed regularly so that the remaining trees can grow and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

From seating areas near the main apartment to spacious terraces for entertainment, garden terraces are a beautiful landscaping technique that creates harmony between your outdoor and indoor living spaces made of wood. 

Use wooden patterns, colors, and materials that complement your overall design. You can add more functionality to your patio and deck by including enclosed areas, railings, and other custom details.

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