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All About Recombinant antigen expression

The original antigen is taken from the source in its natural form. Conversely, recombinant antigens can be produced artificially. This is done by replacing a heterologous expression system using a vector that expresses the desired protein. 

Then, cultural broth can be used to extract the protein disclosed. If you want a recombinant antigen expression service then you can browse this site.

Protein Antigen Expression Service - Creative Diagnostics

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Recombinant antigens can have the main structural differences for original protein, but protein engineering progress recently allows them to better suit their original counterparts.

It is impossible to discuss the use of all infectious agent proteomes’ in IVD tests. This becomes less common because of its clear losses.

They cannot be reproduced or inconsistent than many, posing biological risks that are serious for consumers, and lack of specificity due to cross-reactions between related microorganisms.


Recombinant antibodies, which are very specific diagnostic probes for research and diagnosis, have become the class of therapeutic proteins that grow the fastest in the past two decades. In vitro electoral system, especially age display has dramatically improved the generation of antibodies.

There are more and more recombinant production methods, from yeast, positive bacteria, yeast, and filament fungal species to insect cell lines, mammal cells, transgenic plants, and animals.

Most therapeutic antibodies are still produced in mammalian cells, to reduce the risk of immunogenicity from changing glycosylation, non-human.

However, the development of recent glycosylated engineering yeast, insect cell lines, and transgenic plants promised to get antibodies with post-translation modifications "like humans".

In addition, small antibody fragments without glycosylation have been successfully produced in bacteria. This is now available for clinical testing. In the next few years, therapeutic antibody products from non-mammal sources will be available.

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