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About US

Welcome to Hoga Central!

I will be dead honest from the beginning that I am no expert of Japanese cinemas, nor a big movie fan. I have just started to discover so much fun in Japanese movies recently, and decided to share my discovery experience with other fans in English, who also are in the same process. There are already some sites, such as Midnight Eyes, that provide great information about Japanese movies in English, so I hope you will also enjoy those experts’ insights. Eiga Seikatu, one of the top independent movie sites in Japan, is giving us big cooperation as well.

“Hoga” means “domestic movie” in Japanese. I picked this name not only because the word is much shorter than “Japanese Movie”, but also because it implies “the opinions/viewpoint of Japanese fans” about their own domestic movie. What I am trying to do here is to introduce a little bit of Japanese fan’s point of view in English.

We hope that our site will help the international fans discover about wide range of recent Japanese movies, in addition to the classics samurai films and art-oriented movies, We also hope that journalists and researchers can utilize this site to have a better understanding about what movies Japanese people enjoy on a real-time basis, not just limited to the ones that are released overseas.

We welcome links and other forms of cooperation from the people who share a similar interest, and your opinion/comments to this site. Rivhi Kaifu, Editor, Hoga CentralMichi Kaifu, Principal and Editor of Hoga Central

Michi Kaifu established NANOTECH consulting in 2004 in New Jersey and moved its operation to Silicon Valley in 2003. Before that, she held business development responsibilities at Nextwave Telecom Inc. and NTT America, Inc., in New York. Prior to that, she held a position at the international marketing division in Honda Motor in Tokyo. Michi holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BA from Hitotsubashi University (Japan), and bilingual in English and Japanese. Please contact us at the following e-mail address for any comments, questions or suggestions.