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Month: November 2018

Action Movies To Watch If You Love Car Crashes

When it comes to having a good time at the movies, you really can not go wrong with the film’s action. In fact, you could make the argument that these films are the epitome of what going to the movies is all about. You go to the movies because you want to have fun and watch something that dazzles the senses. surround sound adds to the experience, and you are completely immersed in the action sequences, which make you feel like you are part of the fun of nail biting.

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And almost nothing is more powerful than a few car accidents goodness on the big screen.

Of course, the car chase to build suspense, but an accident that is what you want to see. That’s what a lot of people watch auto-racing for in the first place. It makes a video game a much more thrilling racing. This is why the demolition derby is and has been for decades.

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There is something primal about them, and like most things primal, it’s hard to just close off a part of our psyche. There are also ideas that we have always been told that the car accident usually result in an accident or serious casualties, but some of our favorite on-screen heroes walk away from a car accident great with only a few scratches as if they were superhuman.

There are many reasons why car crashes in the film seems to attract us, but not all of the same car accident. In fact, some just pretty ordinary. Some, however, have had a lasting impact on the audience and have etched a place in cinematic knowledge to be epic.

If you love action movies AND car accident, here are some movies you need to see:

The Blues Brothers ⏤ It is a comedy and musical vehicle for real-life band with the same name, but you can not beat the iconic cameos in the film or sequence GILA mall is famous for this movie.

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Smokey and the Bandit ⏤ The entire film is about being chased in some countries by law enforcement line to give the beer. Not only do many patrol cars ended up in the broken, but nothing beats the form of the car itself Sheriff Buford T. Justice at the end of the movie.

Mad Max ⏤ Located in a rather dystopian future where “Glory roaders” who wander around and take the property and life, take-no-protest police patrol ground trying to maintain some kind of order. Given budget and time period, it is amazing what the movie is complete, plus the legacy is astounding.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry ⏤ One of the more intense Bonnie & Clyde kind of on-screen couple you will ever see in a movie, this film not only gives you some sequence car chase is amazing, but it gives you very likely a car accident the largest ever put on film when you least expect it.

Gone in 60 Seconds ⏤ No, not what you think, the original version of the 70s. This is a classic for a reason and are known to chase cars in real-time, lasted for about half the movie in several cities, and the wreck / destroy nearly 100 cars.

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Car crashes aside, the action film adrenaline level built into them that is hard to beat by any other genre. You would be hard pressed to see the romantic epic Victoria has the same action as Die Hard, for example. The point is that sometimes the movies are meant to just be fun, raw, action-packed, and a little on the crazy side is part of what makes going to the cinema blasts. Watching a group of smashing the car just the cherry on top!